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Rich MetalsRich Metals is one of the scrap industry's most advanced leaders.  Our state-of-the-art approach to buying, processing and recycling benefits you in two ways.  It removes a heavily regulated recycling problem and keeps  you in compliance.  And, it provides a maximum return for your recyclables.

We're the most convenient compliant and customer-friendly buyers, processors and recyclers in the scrap industry.  Let us prove it through our performance.


The next time you're trying to decide what to do with insulated wire, electric motors,
or other scrap metals,
remember this:
Rich Metals offers competitive market pricing, and we can either purchase or toll your product.
We offer nationwide trucking, or work with your shipping methods.
We'll maximize your return with our progressive processing and recovery system.
We ship our processed products out to EPA approved facilities.
We offer bank insurance, EPA certification and customer references upon request.

Rich MetalsTop Cash Prices for Scrap!!!

Aluminum -Ferrous - Copper - Brass - Non-Ferrous - Radiators - Secondary Steel Plate & Sheet Sales

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